Teleconferences are accessible to MultipleMS partners only. News from multipleMS will be published on our front page and regular newsletters can be received by registration here.

Call-in details will be available through each work package leader or in the calender invitations.

Note that dates/times may change, this will be communicated by email and this overview will be updated accordingly.

Group Date Time (CEST)
General Assembly 26th of June 17:30
General Assembly 31st of July 17:30
General Assembly 28th of August 17:30
General Assembly 25th of September 17:30
General Assembly 30th of October 17:30
General Assembly 27th of November 17:30 (CET)
General Assembly 18th of December 17:30 (CET)
WP2 Merged with analysis (see below)  
Analysis (WP2/3/4/6) 12th of June 17:30
Analysis (WP2/3/4/6) 10th of July 17:30
Analysis (WP2/3/4/6) 7th of August 17:30
Analysis (WP2/3/4/6) 4th of September 17:30
Analysis (WP2/3/4/6) 18th of September 17:30
Analysis (WP2/3/4/6) 2nd of October 17:30
Analysis (WP2/3/4/6) 16th of October 17:30
Analysis (WP2/3/4/6) 13th of November 17:30 (CET)
Analysis (WP2/3/4/6) 11th of December 17:30 (CET)